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2 Jan.2003

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AS-041 Nakano Island




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AS-041 Oki Islands - Nakanoshima Island

  • Callsigns: JI5RPT/4 and JI5USJ/4
  • QTH: Ama-cho , Oki-gun , Shimane , JAPAN
  • Zone: WAS-25 , ITU - 45
  • IOTA: AS-041
  • G.Loc.:PM66
  • JCG:32006

Nakano Island is one of the Oki Archipelago. Oki Archipelago is located in the Nihonkai Ocean , about 60km far from Honshu Island (Main Is. of JA). The archipelago is consists of 4 inhabited islands and about 180 uninhabited islands.We usually devided the archipelago ; Dozen(Nishinoshima-I., Nakanoshima-I.and Chiburijima-I.) and Dogo.

In old time, the archipelago was the place many people exile. The emperor Gotoba(reign:1198-1221) and Godaigo(reign:1318-1339) who is well known Japanese historical emperor exiled to the archipelago.

Map of JA Map of Oki

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