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Last Updated: 10 Jan. 2009

JD1BLY - JD1/Ogasawara

How to QSL

We will be able to send our QSL for all QSOs via the Bureau except for your direct request of QSL.

Bureau or CBA

My QSL policy

  • SAE (self addressed envelop) + enough postage -> by Direct
  • No SAE or not enough postage -> via bureau
  • QSL request via bureau -> via bureau
"Enough postage" means ... (Jan. 2009)
  • AS(HL, BY, HS, VU, YB...etc) = Japanese 90 yen stamps or 1$ or 1IRC
  • NA, EU and OC = Japanese 110 yen stamps or 2$ or 1IRC
  • SA and AF = Japanese 130 yen stamps or 2$ or 1IRC

If you have any question, please e-mail to my address.

I will also use eQSL.cc.


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